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Donations needed! Donations needed!: A huge thank you to all of those who have donated clothing this year. It has been a HUGE help! We are running out of some items and hoping you're kids might have some things they've grown out of and might want to donate.  Thank you in advance for your help!  
Midterm/Regents Week Information Midterm/Regents Week Information:
SUNY Potsdam A Capella Visits Moravia! SUNY Potsdam A Capella Visits Moravia!: This morning the female a cappella group from SUNY Potsdam known as A Sharp Arrangement came to perform for many of Moravia's singers. Students in grades 6th-12th chorus got the opportunity to watch their performance which featured many contemporary a cappella songs. Following the performance the High School Choralaires participated in a workshop with the girls from the group. Students divided up into sections to learn the song "Light On" and then came together as a group to perform with the college students. It was an engaging and positive experience for all students involved.
MS Winter Ball MS Winter Ball: The 8th Grade is hosting a Winter Ball on Saturday, January 25th from 6:30-8:30 in the MS/HS cafeteria.  Students are encouraged to dress their best and will enjoy a night of great music, dance, participate in contests, and hang out with friends.   Tickets for this event will be $10.00  The 8th Grade class will be asking all parents of students attending to please consider donating snacks that will be provided that evening.   Presale tickets will be made available on 1/13.  
Middle School Midterm Schedule Middle School Midterm Schedule: On Tuesday, January 21st and Wednesday, January 22nd, the 6th, 7th and 8th graders will be following a midterm schedule. For each day, students will arrive at the regular time, take midterms in the morning, eat lunch, and be released at 11:30 am for buses, walkers, and pick up. Good luck on the midterms!
Living on Mars Living on Mars: Moravia Middle School science teacher Megan Newhouse is hoping to get her seventh-grade students to work, think and act like scientists.   Newhouse’s class is learning about living on Mars, with the goal of the project being to find ways humans could survive on the planet. Several student-groups are focusing on growing food through either hydroponics or aquaponics (hydroponics with fish in the water), while others are focusing on topics such as rovers, energy production, and life support systems.   For example, one group is hoping to show how the carbon and oxygen cycle would work on Mars. The plan is to create an emergency carbon dioxide venting system that will flush excess carbon dioxide from the living spaces if it gets too high. ...
Happy Holidays from Us to Your Happy Holidays from Us to Your: We would like to wish everyone a safe and happy holidays!
Caroling in the Halls Caroling in the Halls: Helping spready holiday cheer! The junior class held a food drive this month and developed an incentive to help people donate. For every 25 items collected, a staff member would join a caroling group. After tallying up the items, they were able to collect over 250 cans! On the last day before holiday break, 12 staff members walked the halls singing and spreading holiday cheer! Check out the video below to see how well they did. 
New Blue Devil Broadcast! New Blue Devil Broadcast!: Our latest Blue Devil Broadcast Episode is on-line.  Check it out at this link: http://bluedevilbroadcast. This episode features not only segments by the High School staff, but Ms. Hatfield's Elementary Staff does a segment, and Ms. Haessner's Middle School Staff does a segment too.  The stories included in this episode are: 1 The Student Directed Fall Musical - Once On This Island 2 BDB Middle School Segment 3 Fall Sports Highlights 4 Cabaret 5 BDB Jr. Elementary School Segment 6 Mr. Kula's ...
High School Student Makes All-State Chorus High School Student Makes All-State Chorus: Moravia High School Junior Alyssa Brown did the unthinkable and became the first student from her school to make it into all-state chorus. “It’s my thirteenth year of teaching and it’s the first year we’ve had someone make the all-state chorus. It’s an accomplishment for a small school to get that opportunity,” said vocal music teacher Joanna Kufs. Brown has been singing since she was just three years old when she started singing in her church choir. She said singing is something she has always loved to do and continues to improve every day according to Kufs. “Someone like Ally, she’s just shown what hard work can do. And every year she has progressed, and she’s become such a leader, such a model for younger kids, for her ...
Moravia Student Dancing in Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade Moravia Student Dancing in Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade: It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for 22 high school dancers from the Armstrong School of Dance, including a sophomore in the Moravia Central School District.   Madalaina Raymond, a sophomore at Moravia High School, has been looking forward to this experience for many years. We sat down with her ahead of the big trip. You can hear from her below.   We are told the best time to see the dancers is likely to be between 11:00am and noon on Thanksgiving Day. The parade will be broadcast on NBC and via live streaming.
Two Moravia Educators Become Master Teachers Two Moravia Educators Become Master Teachers: By showcasing a dedication to innovative STEM education and a commitment to professional learning, Moravia Central School District science teachers Megan Newhouse and Karen Schaub recently joined the New York State Master Teacher Program.   The New York State Master Teacher Program is made up of the highest-performing STEM teachers from throughout the state, and provides members with an expert community dedicated to the development of science, technology, engineering and math.   The program, which was launched by the state in 2013 in an effort to strengthen STEM education, works in connection with The State University of New York and Math for America.   According to Newhouse, the joy of entering the program can be directly attributed to the opportunities she is afforded ...
Elementary Save Around Fund Raiser! Elementary Save Around Fund Raiser!: From Nov. 4th through Nov. 20th, all Millard Fillmore elementary students will be bringing home a fundraiser packet with a sample of the book in it. These sample books, must be returned to your teacher, unless purchased.   The Save Around coupon book fundraiser is a great way to raise funds for our school AND save families money! We have many new local eateries included this year, and the Cortland/Ithaca edition is now only $20!   This fundraiser is to provide funding to support the elementary school’s PBIS committee. The funding will bring FUN programs to our school!   By working together, we can raise extra money to do some extra cool stuff here at Millard Fillmore Elementary! Examples are guest speakers, musical guests, and other awesome ...
Fiddler on the Roof Jr.! Fiddler on the Roof Jr.!: Moravia Middle School presents Fiddler on the Roof Jr! Come see if the town of Anatevka can hold on to its traditions in this Tony Award-winning Broadway musical. Show nights are November 15th at 7:00 pm and November 16th at 4:00 pm. Tickets are $5 pre-sale and $6 at the door. Tickets are available at 
School Bus Safety Week School Bus Safety Week: This week is school bus safety week! We wanted to take the time to say thank you to the transportation department here in the Moravia Central School District. Check out the video!
Thank You Board of Education Thank You Board of Education: The week of October 21-25 is recognized as School Board Appreciation Week. To help celebrate our amazing Board of Education members, Moravia Central students had a few messages for the board.
Spanish Students Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month Spanish Students Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month: Spanish students in Bethany Mendoza’s classes dived deep into different cultures during Hispanic Heritage Month.   Students in Spanish I through III were split into groups and assigned a different Spanish speaking country. Students were then tasked with looking up different facts, such as where each country was located, the name of the capital and details about the country’s government.   Students said the project gave them the chance to learn more about regions they didn’t know much about.   “We could see the similarities between our country and their country,” said Spanish II student Heidi Anderson.   Students in Spanish IV had to use different approach. Each student ...
National Digital Citizenship Week National Digital Citizenship Week: Did you know that it is National Digital Citizenship Week?! Digital Citizenship helps students better understand the digital world so that they can safely, and appropriately navigate through 21 st century learning. For more information on digital citizenship, please visit:  
Welcoming Back Members of the Class of 1969 Welcoming Back Members of the Class of 1969: We welcomed back a few alumni to the high school! Around 20 members of the Class of 1969 came back to take a tour of the school. They have all stayed in touch for 50 years! The group was able to see parts of the school that were around when they were in school as well as new parts that have since been added. 
Safety Notice October 9, 2019 Safety Notice October 9, 2019: On October 9, Moravia students reported a suspicious person on campus to staff after school hours. The District followed appropriate emergency protocols that are set in place. The police were notified and apprehended the suspicious person, who was searched, and no weapons were found. To err on the side of caution, administration completed a walkthrough of the school grounds in addition to viewing all security footage. No threats were found. The District would like to remind students to be vigilant at all times and report any suspicious character to the proper authorities.

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