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Moravia School District
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Course Supply List

All classes require:

Pens, blue or black ink only
#2 pencils
Colored pencils
Jump drive - 256 MB or greater
Lined paper
Textbook covers

Math - All courses

1 1/2 -2” binder
5 divider tabs
TI-84 Graphing Calculator (if possible)
Compass(Geometry only)

* a graphing calculator is required for the Algebra I, Geometry, and Algebra II regents. It is highly recommended that you see the graphing calculator as an investment for your child throughout high school as well as higher education. The Texas Instrument graphing calculators are used for instruction in Moravia High School. If you are unable to purchase a graphing calculator, a scientific calculator is required. There will be a class set of graphing calculators for class work.

Global History and Advanced Global History

3 ring binder - 2 inches
5 dividers for the binder

Living Environment and Advanced Living Environment

3 ring binder - 2 inches or greater
15 tab dividers

English and Advanced English

3 ring binder - 2 inches
8 tab dividers
Multi-subject spiral notebook

Studio in Art

hand held pencil sharpener
9"x12" sketch pad optional

Foreign Language

3 ring binder