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Moravia School District
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Moravia School District 2015-2016 Goals

We, members of the Moravia School District staff, are responsible for the graduation rate.  We are responsible for providing all students with a path that leads to receiving a high school diploma and possessing the skills necessary to be competitive in their lives beyond graduation.  We commit to being flexible, learning, growing and changing to meet the needs of an ever changing student population.

  • Increase our implementation of instructional strategies in line with Data Driven Instruction:
    • Create and administer Interim Assessments throughout the year in new areas
    • Use data from those assessments to inform and drive instructional decisions
  • Engage students in processes to take ownership over their learning and progress
    • Research and implement instructional activities with a focus on integration of disciplines (STEM) and project based learning
    • Increase our use of instructional technology as a transformative learning tool
      • Pilot 1:1 initiative in 3rd grade, 2nd grade and HS science
      • Increase the use of hybrid instruction that incorporates the ability for students to access content and progress in their work at their own pace.
  • Utilize data to inform non-instructional processes and decisions around the district.
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John P. Birmingham, Superintendent
Moravia Central School District 68 South Main Street
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