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Moravia School District
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Board of Education goals established for 2017-18

On Sept. 13, 2017, the Board of Education established  the following goals for the 2017-2018 school year. For more information about the board, please follow this link to the Board of Education web page.

Board of Education Goals 2017-2018

The mission of the educational community of Moravia is to provide all students with a high level of academic skills and to prepare them for lives of vision and consequence in the 21st century.

Board Development

  • The board will implement the NYSSBA rubric for self-evaluation with the online SuperEval program in June.
  • The board will commit to professional development as a group around relevant topics relating to the district goals in order to increase board knowledge and awareness.
  • The superintendent will seek out PD opportunities that focus on this year's goals. Examples: student performance measures, strategic planning, capital project planning, mental health and educational technology

MCSD Strategic Planning (Nov. 7-8, 2017)

  • The board will be actively participating on the development of the 2017-2020 MCSD Strategic Plan to include the following:
    • Vision, mission & core beliefs
    • Performance targets
    • Mid-and long-term strategies
    • Immediate priorities
    • Draft a roll-out plan
  • The board will monitor trends on the determined performance measures with a State of the Schools Report in September.

Financial Stewardship

  • The board will present and propose a budget to the community that supports a strong, progressive program for our students.
  • The board will monitor the budget through quarterly annualized reports including reserve tracking to monitor what we planned to use vs. what we actually used on or about October, January, April, July.


  • The board will utilize Erie I policy services updates to continue to review, revise and adopt policies for implementation.

Superintendent Evaluation

  • The board will continue to utilize the NYSCOSS evaluation rubric with the online SuperEval™ program in evaluating the superintendent of schools for the 17-18 school year.


  • The board will participate on a Facilities Committee with the goals of monitoring the planning and implementation stages of Capital Outlay Projects and the initial planning for the next major district-wide Capital Project.