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Moravia School District
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Food Services tip: Slow down, you eat too fast

From the October Wellness newsletter from the district’s Food Services department

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Slow down, you eat too fast

Your brain is 20 minutes slower than your mouth. That's how long it takes from the time you start eating until your brain finally sends out the signal that you're full. Most of us eat WAY faster than that and so we take in WAY more calories than we need before our brains tell us we're full. The takeaway? Eat slower, eat less!
And that's not the only way that scarfing down food hurts your health. Eating fast makes you gulp in a lot of air with your food, leading to indigestion, burping, heartburn and even acid reflux. All that extra air makes your belly bloat more, too. When you eat fast, you chew less thoroughly, which delivers bigger pieces of food to your stomach, causing more digestion problems. Eat slower, feel better!
info graphic with text: A study of the eating habits of 3,000 people found that fast-eating men were 84% more likely to be overweight.

Other tips for healthier eating:

Eat better

Try lots of different fruits, veggies and whole grains for a healthy diet. You’re bound to find a few you really like.

  • Whole grains: Foods that are rich in fiber, like whole wheat bread and other whole grain foods, help you eat slower because we tend to chew those foods longer. Fiber-rich foods helps you feel full longer, too.

Play harder 

You want to eat slow, but play hard. Here's how: Two hours before exercise, hydrate well with water, eat healthy carbs like whole-grain cereal, low-fat yogurt, brown rice, fruits and veggies, and avoid fats and too much protein. Need to eat right before exercise? Stick to a piece or two of fruit, like an apple and/or banana.

Learn easier

Just a small decrease in the number of calories you take in has been shown to improve learning. Scientists think eating less probably helps activate brain neurons involved in learning. That's the kind of calorie decrease you can easily achieve just by eating more slowly.

Live healthier

Sometimes living healthier is about quality of life. When you eat slower, you enjoy the taste, texture, color and aroma of the food more. And you can focus more on conviviality and conversation and family interaction, rather than just on eating and running!