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Moravia School District
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May 2019 Athletes of the Month


photo of teen boy in baseball cap holding certificate
Nick Johnson

Nicholas Johnson, grade 10, shortstop/pitcher

Nick has worked hard all season to become an Integral part of our team. He has become an anchor on defense playing shortstop and Is batting .320 on the season. We look forward to his bright future.





teen girl holding certificate
Lindsey Smith

Lindsey Smith, grade 11

Lindsey had a great spring. During the month of May, Lindsey was our low score In all six matches. She also finished In the top 20 for all Section 4 schools. 


photo of teen boy holding certificate
Steve Vivenzio

Steve Vivenzio, grade 12

Steve had a great May. He qualified for the individual tournament. Only 33 golfers from Section 4 qualified. He was named the MVP for the Small School North Division and an all-star. He had two scores under par this month. 



photo of teen boy holding certificate
Jared Justian

Jared Justian, grade 12, first singles

Jared did a wonderful job this season in the first singles position. He came up against some tough opponents and managed to win five matches, Including first-round matches in sectionals and IACs. During sectionals, he won his first set, but lost In a heartbreaker during an overtime period in the third set. He then went on to play In IACs and hung In there, but unfortunately could not get lhe outcome we all wanted. Over the past few years, he was grown into a successful young tennis player, and we hope to see him continue his tennis career In the futurel Great job this season, Jared!


Track and Field

photo of teen girl holding certificate
Alexis Anderson

Alexis Anderson, grade 10

Alexis has come a long way since the beginning of the season, and throughout she has proven herself to be a versatile and integral part of the girls track team. Alexis represents what it means to be a team player, and her hard work is paying off as she competes at the Section 4 state qualifier meet this month. 


photo of teen boy holding certificate
Andrew Badman

Andrew Badman, grade 12

Andrew pushes himself to be better every single day. He sets goals, works hard to beat them, then makes new goals to reach next. His dedication to the team and commitment to the process of self-improvement make him a positive role model for his teammates.