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Moravia School District
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HS midterm/ Regents week information

Jan. 16, 2018 -- Moravia High School will not have normal classes on Jan. 22 and 23, due to scheduled testing. Principal Bryan Ford sent home the following information in a letter to parents last week.

Dear Parents/Guardians of Moravia High School Students: 

The week of Jan. 22 through Jan. 26 will be this year's midterm/Regents week.The high school will not be having regular classes on Monday, Jan. 22, and Tuesday, Jan. 23, due to testing. The test schedule can be found on the back (below). We will resume a normal schedule Wednesday, Jan. 24, through Friday, Jan. 26, to close out the third marking period, with all students in attendance. 

Some items of note for that week: 
  • Students participating in programs such as Career and Technical Education at the BOCES campus, Alternative Education and New Visions are expected to attend as usual on Jan 22-23 unless they have a scheduled exam on the Moravia campus 
  • Only students who have tests are required to attend on Jan. 22-23, and only for the time they are being tested 
  • School buses will run inormal morning and afternoon runs and the normal BOCES run on Jan. 22-23. In addition, there will be a bus that leaves the high school at 11:30 a.m. both days to transport students with AM tests home 
  • Students who are behind in their studies and owe assignments may be asked to come in to make up the work on Jan. 22 or 23 during Regents week. This will be arranged by the classroom teacher. If your student owes work, the classroom teacher will notify you of when they are expected to come to school to make up the work. 
  • Students who have morning exams must go home on the 11:30 bus unless they have an afternoon exam. Students may not hang out at the school for the remainder of the school day. 
  • When students are in the building, but not taking a test (i.e., if they are released from a morning test before the 11:30 a,n, bus pickup), they must report to the cafeteria 
  • Students who only have a PM exam on Monday, Jan. 22, and desire to be picked up by a school bus for that need to let the High School Office know so we can arrange a pickup. If we do not hear by Jan.18, we will assume no ride is needed. 
  • The cafeteria will be serving breakfast and lunch during testing days. 
Thank you and do not hesitate to contact me if you have questions (315) 497-2670 ext. 2009. 

Bryan Ford
Date: Monday,
Jan. 22
Jan. 23
Jan. 24
Jan. 25
Jan. 26
Status of classes No classes for HS No classes for HS Regular school day Regular school day Regular school day
8-11 a.m. testing window 1) ELA Regents for
ELA 11 midtern
3) ELA 11 honors midterm
4) AP English midterm
5) AP World midterm
(7:45-11:15 a.m.)1) 
1) U.S. Regents for
2) Geometry Regents for re-takers
3) Chemistry midterm
4) CCC Physics final
5) AP Biology midterm
1) Global Regents for re-takers

1) Chemistry Regents for re-takers
2) Earth Science Regents for re-takers
12-3 p.m. testing window 1) Living Environment Regents for re-takers
2) Algebra 1B midterm
3) Algebra 2 midterm
4) Math 104 final
None -- scoring time None None