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MFE kindergartners learn to code

Kindergartners are coding at Millard Fillmore Elementary. Coding was once considered an experience only for older students in high schools across the United States. Thanks to technology, our youngest students are beginning to learn how to code.

Mrs. Love’s kindergarten class is piloting Osmo, an interactive iPad product that allows students to use physical play to explore the digital world. Studies show that students learn best from physical experience and play. Mrs. Love’s students use Osmo during "center time" to explore coding, mathematics, reading and writing.

Coding is an essential part of STEM and these young learners are developing the problem solving and logic skills to be successful when they transition to a completely digital coding experience later in their academic careers.

The students use physical blocks to help, Awbie, a cute coding monster, reach different goals. The students collaborate to problem solve and teach each other. Mrs. Love believes that physical play and collaboration promote success for all of her students and it’s a lot of fun!



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