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Food Services tip: Staying healthy in the cold


photos of fruits and veggies with text: wellness is a way of life
From the December Wellness newsletter from the district’s Food Services department

Cold equals cold

Cold weather doesn't cause colds -- viruses do! Same with the flu. There's even a theory that it's actually safer to be outside in cold weather than indoors, where dry air and poor ventilation may make it easier for germs to hang around and spread. If people are in closed spaces sniffling, the bad stuff has nowhere to go. Of course, you should always be sure to dress appropriately outdoors for comfort and to avoid frostbite (in other words, 
put your coat on!) But if you don't want to get sick, you should always remember to wash your hands.

Other tips for healthier eating:

graphic with text: 1B: that's shorthand for 1 billion -- that's how many colds Americans catch each year

Eat better

Try lots of different fruits, veggies and whole grains for a healthy diet. You’re bound to find a few you really like.

  • Carrots: They're loaded with beta-carotene, a highly beneficial nutrient that helps fight cold symptoms! Our bodies turn the beta-carotene into vitamin A, which is key for keeping our mucus membranes healthy and fighting off throat and nose congestion. All orange veggies are loaded with beta-carotene!

Play harder 

It's invigorating -- and healthy! -- to exercise outdoors in winter weather. In fact, as long as you are in good shape and properly suited up, no temperature is too cold to work outside. Extreme wind chills can be dangerous, though, so exercise inside if that is happening.

Learn easier

Kids have to stay healthy to be able to go to school and learn. But germs can lurk 
on a lot of common objects there, too -- like computer keyboards. A healthy diet, exercise and good sleep can help kids avoid sickness. But don't stop reminding them 
to wash their hands regularly during the school day!

Live healthier

The tap water does not have to be hot as the desert sun for the best germ-killing action when you wash your hands. Recent research shows that the key is always using soap and lathering and rubbing your hands together for a full 10 seconds. Water would have to be nearly boiling to actually kill germs. Warm, lukewarm or even cold water will work just as well as hot.