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Moravia School District
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Spanish IV Students Enjoy "Salsa Day"

It was a day of learning while also having a little fun during Bethany Mendoza’s Spanish IV class, as students recently had the chance to dive head first into the Spanish culture.
“Culture is so diverse. This really gives them the opportunity to learn the Spanish culture,” said Mendoza.
Students in the class were tasked with creating salsa. All the materials the students used were donated from local farmers and the community garden.
“Our community is so great. We thank them for their donations for this project. We’re all in this together,” said Principal Karl O’Leary.
Creating salsa wasn’t the only thing students were tasked with during the class; they also watched on a video on how to perform the salsa dance. Mendoza said this gives students a chance to get a hands-on opportunity to learn about the Spanish culture.
“Having tangible learning makes it so the students aren’t just learning words, but learning the feeling behind the words,” said Mendoza.