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8th Graders Complete Civic Action Project Based Learning Unit

The 8th Graders in Moravia Central School District completed their Civic Action Project Based Learning Unit recently.

The objective of the unit was for students to research and develop possible solutions to problems in the school, community and world in subject areas they are passionate about.

Students started by researching issues that interested them, and after being grouped based on their topics with a teacher facilitator, they commenced researching their cause.

The topics included environmental protection, animal abuse, social inequality and school safety.

The students produced informative essays and presentations, with many developing action plans to educate, motivate, inspire and raise awareness for their causes.

Some of the standout presentations included Kaleb Smith’s birdhouse design to offer habitats for local birds, Synae Bartholomew and Natalie Grobelny’s school mural design (which has been approved to be painted by the middle school office), and Holden Morgan and Lucas Moffit’s plan to reduce paper towel usage in the school with bumper stickers and a request to install hand dryers in the bathrooms.