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Moravia School District
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Mrs. Flick & Ms. Webster Welcome you to Room 103!

Mission Statement: Our goal is to provide a safe, fun learning environment where students may reach their potential both academically and socially.

We have the special honor of being an inclusion classroom! This means that there are often two teachers in the classroom to support the varied learning needs of all the students. Two adults in the room gives us the flexibility to work in small groups and provide differentiated instruction to students.
bookworm.gifReading Homework:

Your student will bring home a reading envelope each night with a book near your child's reading level. Please read the book with your child and log it on the outside of the envelope. We have incentives throughout the year!
       book.gif   1st grade reading  and writing skills: The skills most likely to indicate success in reading are phonics, phonemic awareness, vocabulary, fluency and comprehension. We spend much of the year focusing on ideas, organization and conventions.                                
           clip13.jpg     Spelling:
We study 10 spelling words at at time. We start with the first 100 sight words because they are the top 100 words most likely to be encountered in reading. We also study words with common chunks.

link to current spelling list    
   clip12.jpg  Math:
Our math program involves many hands-on experiences, combined with the HSP math series and theories from Math Their Way.

Our science program investigates the living environment (life cycles) and the physical environment (magnets, energy, weather).

ani-wrld.gifSocial Studies:
The focus of our social studies program is me, myself and my community.

 Contact me: or (315) 497-2670 x1103