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Moravia School District
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Middle School - 7th Grade Page

Homepage for Moravia 7th Graders

Updated Tuesday, January 5th
The 7th grade team has some materials (notes, a book, and lab supplies) that we would like to get out to students on Wednesday.
There will be two options for getting materials:
(A) You may pick them up from a table in the south parking lot of the MS building between 9am and 4pm on Wednesday
(B) We will find a way to drop off materials at your house.
Please fill out the following google form to indicate your choice:
Materials Pick-up or Drop-off Survey

Updated Sunday, December 20th
To help keep kids on track this year we are using a daily checklist for work. To access the checklist you can click on the link above. All students have access to this checklist on google classroom as well. It is updated daily, so you can scroll down to see previous work and what day it was assigned.
Reminder to Join Remind:
Last week was definitely a test of our flexibility! With instructional methods shifting rapidly it is now extremely important for parents and guardians to be connected to the team through the Remind system. If you missed updates on expectations for students last Thursday and Friday then you are likely not part of our Remind group or need to update your number. The code to join is @moravia26 and directions for how to sign up are posted below.

Tests Coming Up!
Some students still owe work from their asynchronous learning days on Thursday and Friday. Please note that Math and Social studies tests will be given this Tuesday and the material from Thursday and Friday will be on the tests. 

Monday and Tuesday this week:
Please have students join their House google Meet on Monday and Tuesday between 8:45 and 9:00am to go over expectations and to check in with their House leader. Monday we will be running a regular period bell schedule and Tuesday we will be running an altered schedule that will include two tests, a movie of a book they just finished in ELA, and some time for discussion and reflection on this bizarre year of 2020 and how we can move positively into the new year. 


Updated Wednesday, December 16th


UPDATE: This has changed since we are now FULLY remote. See above.
Remote Learning Monday/Tuesday:

When students are not in school during our Holiday Breakout Day, they will be assigned remote learning work for each of their core classes. At 9:00am, students should check their Daily Checklist and complete those assignments. All work will be due by Wednesday, December 23rd at 9am.  

Two Week Late Policy:

As a reminder, we will not accept work after two weeks from its original due date. This means assignments on Google Classroom and/or Buzz may be deleted after two weeks.  

Wednesday, December 23rd:

Wednesday, December 23rd has been designated as a Staff Development Day for teachers. Teachers will NOT be in communication that day. If you have any pressing questions or concerns please feel free to reach out. Otherwise, we would encourage you to check School Tool for grades and/or owed work.  

Snow Day Protocol:

If the district by some chance announces a snow day the 7th grade team will post snow day expectations, a daily checklist of required work, and available teacher support options within the Daily Checklist document on Google Classroom. 

Updated Sundy, November 8th
Veteran's Day:
There are no classes this Wednesday November 11.  Since teachers also have the day off there will be no contact home that day from your House leaders. Please check schooltool with your student to make sure you are staying on top of grades.
Student-Led Parent Conferences are November 20 and 23.  Your House leader will contact you for an appointment.  It is a great opportunity to check in on the progress of your students.  Our goal is 100% participation, as we so value communication between school and family.  All conferences will be online, which we hope makes it easier for some of you to participate without having to come into the building.  Parent, teacher, and student will all be on the same screen as we discuss student progress.  You can even participate from work if you are able! 
Picture Day: Tuesday the 17th is Middle School picture day for the silver group. Next Thursday the 19th is make-up day for any students in the blue group. Order forms were sent home, but online ordering is available as well. Remote students may choose to come in either day between 8:30 to 9am or email a photo to Ms. Kneer, the yearbook advisor. If you choose to come in please enter through the south side middle school entrance for screening.  A guide will help students find the location. See the picture day announcement on the school's website for more information, including details for online ordering and Ms. Kneer's email link.

Late Work Policy:
We are tightening up our late work policy now that students are used to our 7th grade expectations. All owed work from the month of October will be due at the end of the day on Tuesday, November 10th. Work from October WILL NOT be accepted after November 10th. 

Starting this week, the team will not accept work after two weeks from its original due date. This means assignments on Google Classroom and/or Buzz will be deleted after two weeks. 

Remind App: There are still a few parents who are not signed up to receive our announcements through Remind. We are using Remind as an important communication tool this year and signing up will help you stay informed. Please scroll down for instructions on how to join our Remind class if you do not currently receive our Remind updates.

Updated Sunday, October 25th
Daily Work List:
We are still posting a list of daily work to google classroom so you and your student can see what is happening in class and what assignments they owe at the end of the day. While we are trying our best to not assign traditional homework please be aware that we will be listing homework on that list when it is necessary for a particular class to move forward. 

Checking Email:
We have instructed students to turn off certain email notifications for google classroom. This should greatly reduce the clutter in their email inbox, making it easier for them to check email on a daily basis. Since email is an important method of communication between teachers and students please encourage your student to check their email daily.

Late or Corrected Work:
If a student is turning in work that is late or has been corrected we ask that they email the teacher directly. It is very time-consuming for us to repeatedly check for owed work and a few of our online platforms do not send us email notifications for late submissions. 

Coming to Class on Time:
When joining classes remotely it is important to be on time. If a student is more than 15 minutes late to class they will be marked absent.  We are noticing many students are having a hard time coming back to 6th period class after lunch. If possible, please consider setting an alarm at home for 12:25 to remind students that they must be logged into class by 12:29.

Parent Portal Access:
Our parent portal access is up and running for schooltool. You can use schooltool to access your student's current class averages, assignments, schedule and discipline referrals. Please contact the main middle school office if you need to set up a schooltool account.

Day of the Dead:
On Thursday and Friday of this week we will be teaching the cultural significance of the Latino holiday called "Day of the Dead". More details are posted to our website. Please send in shoe boxes if you have them!  Since we have a full day of hands-on activities planned the remote cohort for each day will have a list of work to complete for their core classes. Please note: This ONLY affects periods 1 through 7  and your student will still need to join 8th and 9th periods through video chat. If you are a fully remote learner you will be contacted directly with directions for how you can participate in our cultural celebration.

Updated Wednesday, October 21


Blue: October 29th      
Silver: October 30th

We are super excited to spend a school day next week teaching the cultural significance of the Latino holiday celebrating the Day of the Dead. The purpose of Day of the Dead is to honor and respectfully remember friends and family that have passed away. We will be celebrating through authentic activities including cooking, creating decorations, and storytelling.


This will occur on Thursday the 29th for the Blue Cohort and Friday the 30th for the Silver Cohort. To accommodate the unique in-school schedule all remote learners will be learning asynchronously for the day and will not be logging into each class according to the bell schedule. There will be a posted list of work for students to work on that day.


As part of the day, students will be building and decorating an “Ofrenda”. The purpose of the Ofrenda is to remember and honor a deceased relative, friend, pet, or role model. If there is someone in particular that your student would like to honor we recommend sending in pictures or small mementos that would represent the person or pet. Ideas include dog collars, favorite candy bars, favorite CD or DVD,  or anything that reminds the student of that person. If you don’t want to send original pictures you can email digital copies to Mr Franza and he will print them. 

If your student does not want to build an ofrenda for someone they know, they may build one in memory of a famous celebrity or historical figure that has passed away.

We will provide some materials for building and decorating, but if you would like to send in any of the following it would be appreciated:

-shoe boxes 

-colorful tissue paper

-battery-operated candles

-fake or real flowers (Especially marigold petals if you have any marigolds left in your garden!)

-Mementos: pictures, food items, CDs, etc...


Remote Only 

There will be a list of activities for you to work on at home for Day of the Dead. During the day at school we will be tie-dying t-shirts. If you would like to come to the school to tie-dye your own shirt please reach out to Mrs. Newhouse to schedule a time slot for Wednesday afternoon, October 28th.

Updated Sunday, October 18
Google Classroom Announcement:
Because we are moving to a synchronous schedule this week we have decided to reconfigure our Google classrooms for core classes. Each student has been invited to join a new Google classroom to start the second marking period. We will leave our old Google classrooms set up long enough to harvest any necessary grades, but that classroom will eventually be deleted once our marking period grades have been finalized. We apologize in advance that it could look a little confusing this coming week as we make the transition.

Going Fully Synchronous:
Tomorrow October 19 marks the beginning of the 2nd marking period.  It is also the beginning of our Full Synchronous schedule.  Starting this week, the Blue Group still attends school in-person Mondays and Thursdays, but now those students also follow their schedules remotely from home on Tuesdays and Fridays.  The Silver Group still attends school in-person Tuesdays and Fridays, but now those students also follow their schedules remotely from home Mondays and Thursdays.  All Fully Remote students follow their schedules from home Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays.  Wednesdays continue to be reserved for teacher Office Hours, extra help, and connecting with families. 

As we start to meet daily 4 days a week, please be mindful of students' virtual space. Students should be sitting in a work-like space. A counter, desk, or table is best as it allows students to work easily. Be mindful about what can be seen and heard while on the call.  Students should log in with their camera on and their microphone muted. We should not see anyone that is not enrolled in our classes on the screen with students. Students should not leave class without asking, just like in-person classes.

*****Updated Thursday, October 15*****

7th Grade Remote Instructions


Step 1: Set Up for Remote Learning

Get up on time. Get dressed for school. Eat a good breakfast. Find a comfortable and quiet place to work. Plug in your Chromebook so the battery won’t die. Get your headphones on. Take a deep breath and say “I can do this!”

Step 2: Open a tab for your classroom Meet links

Go into google classroom and open the “Google Meet Links” document that is posted under the “Remote Learner Resources” heading. You will use these links to “enter” each classroom remotely throughout the day.

Step 3: Open a tab for the Today’s schedule

It is your responsibility to show up to each class on time. If you are struggling to get to class on time please consider setting alarms for yourself. Especially for period 6 because it is right after your lunch break!

Step 4: Go to all your classes in order as if you’re in the school!

At 9:00 you should be clicking on the link for whatever class you have first period. When you are dismissed from first period you will have a three minute break before you need to click on the link for your second period class. You will have a 39 minute lunch break from 11:50 - 12:29.



  1. You must be on time and prepared for each class. This means you should have a pencil and your binder for notes.

  2. You must be using a school chromebook unless permission is given to use a different device. Your camera must be on so we can see you.

  3. You need to let us know if the technology isn’t working. You can (a) send us a chat through the Google Meet chat feature (b) un-mute yourself and speak up through the computer or (c) call our classroom using the old-fashioned phone to talk to us directly. Our school phone numbers are listed on our Google Meet Links document (see above).

  4. You must be actively participating in class and ready to be called on to answer questions.

For a printable version of these instructions, click here


Normal Bell Schedule (Printable Copy: Daily Bell Schedule)









Lunch Break












Updated Sunday, September 27

Fall Sports:
MCS is excited to announce a fall skills and conditioning training program!!! The program is available to all hybrid and remote students in grades 6th-12th. The activities provided in Block 1 (fall season) are Cross Country, Cheer, Field Hockey, Football, Soccer, and Volleyball. The fall season (block 1)program will run from September 21st to November 6th; each session will start at 3:45 pm and end at 5:15 pm. Students are encouraged to register through the google form that was sent to their email address. Schedules will be emailed to students and posted on the district athletic website. 

If you have any questions, please call the Athletic Office (315)497-2670 ext. 2017 or send an email to

Google Form for Fall Sports Sign-up

Updated Wednesday, September 23
Office Hours:
The 7th grade team is providing online office hours for students to get extra support during the week. Google Meet links are posted to each student's "Core Classes" Google Classroom. 




ELA w/ Mrs. Ryan


SS w/ Mrs. Porten


Science w/ Mrs. Newhouse


Spanish w/ Mr. Franza


Math w/ Mrs. Cheney


HCS W/ Ms. Thibodeau 


Updated September 20
Daily Remote Work Lists
We are making one adjustment to the original academic plan that may seem small, but is worth noting. We originally planned on posting a weekly checklist of remote work for all learners. To avoid confusion on what assignments are due and when we have decided to keep an updated daily list instead. Students have access to the daily list through google classroom, but you can also view the daily remote lists here:
Blue Cohort Remote Work List (For students who are at school on Monday and Thursday)
Silver Cohort Remote Work List (For students who are at school on Tuesday and Friday)