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~*Welcome to Mrs. Wasileski's & Ms. Bowen's Reading page*~

Thank you so much for stopping by! Mrs. Waz and Ms. Bowen designed this page for parents/guardians AND kids to come if they ever need resources for good reading practice, or if they just want to play a few reading games. ALSO--keep in mind that there are many apps for smart phones, as well as ipad/ipod apps that can help with sight words, alphabet recognition, etc.

Helpful Resources:


Alphabet & Phonics (K-1):

*Great games to play featuring the alphabet
*Games featuring initial sounds, clusters, CVC words, and identifying the letter to the sound that they hear.

Sight words (K-3):
*What a great site for sight words! Many different ideas of how to practice sight words at home with your child, as well as information as to why sight words are so important for your early reader!
*Mrs. Perkins' dolch sight word website has "ready to print" dolch sight words, as well as worksheets and games available to play with your child at home.
*This is a highly interactive website with more games, as well as sight word stories.|8363|sight%20words||S|b|14486137975&gclid=CMOAw4aKibQCFYqZ4Aoda3gAFw
*A great rescource full of printable worksheets*

Fluency passages (K-5):
*A great website that is full of printable fluency passages, but also teaching applications, and word work (word families, rhymes, etc.). These passages can be read over and over again to gain mastery in fluency, and make students more confident with their reading skills.
*Fluency Passages with Reading A-Z

Rhyming (K-5):
*Rhyming is a very important skill for emerging readers to have. It is also good for older students to show their knowledge of word families.
Comprehension Passages {for practice}:
*this resource has printable worksheets to work on specific skills, as well as short passage/worksheets by grade level. An awesome resource to reinforce test taking strategies and good reading strategies at home!*

*This site, explains why reading comprehension is so important, as well as giving TONS of free resources on reading comprehension, and worksheets broken up by grade level, as well as skills needed.*

General Resources:
*Perfect for finding some "on level" text to use for your son/daughter's to read, choose at the library, or just grab on your bookshelf at home. You can see what books fit with their current reading level, as well as expose them to on level text through read-alouds!*
*The Florida Center For Reading Research is a resource for both parents and professionals alike. They have awesome center activities, and games to reinforce word families, short/long vowel sounds, and comprehension strategies to help ALL readers! :)

TumbleBooks (K-5):
A great resource to "watch books" on a device, or at home on a computer!
*We use this resource as a part of reading RTI

*We use this resource as a part of Reading RTI

*Our local library, located on Church Street.
*an online resource for students with access*

And always remember....

{all graphics courtesy of google image search}
Have a great summer, friends! Make sure you're reading daily!