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Moravia School District
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"Coming to the USA" Day

Eighth grade students at Moravia Middle School recently learned about immigrant experiences as part of Coming to the USA Day.
As part of their social studies and Spanish curriculum, students were put into breakout rooms to learn about different ways that immigrants can come to the United States today.
“Coming to the USA day was a fun, interactive, and engaging day around the topic of Modern Immigration in the United States,” said social studies teacher Julie Hempson.
Hempson said the day was beneficial not only for the content, but also the change in schedule, which allowed students to interact with classmates they wouldn’t normally see throughout the day.
They heard primary source accounts from two US citizens who immigrated to this country in the past 10 years. Students also experienced taking the current Citizenship Test that immigrants must pass in order to become American citizens.
“I’ve been living in this country for 13 years and I don’t think I could ever pass the test,” said student Garrett Butts.
The day culminated in a movie, Under the Same Moon, which reenacted the current immigrant experience.