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Moravia School District
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Moravia CSD School Advocacy

School districts across New York have made devastating cuts to educational programs as they adjust to rising costs that are outpacing revenue. This trend of reductions cannot continue without threatening the quality and equality of the education to all students. 

We are writing this letter to ask for your help in advocating against two key budget issues for 2021-2022.

Those issues are:

  1. We urge rejecting the proposal to reduce STAR reimbursements. Governor’s proposal to eliminate the STAR reimbursements to school districts would equate to a revenue loss of $819,444 for our district leading to major programmatic cuts / reductions in the years ahead. 
  2. We oppose the proposal to consolidate 11 aids into Services Aid. It raises multiple alarms: 
    • It would impact high need school districts the most - statewide there will be a reduction of $693 million. 
    • The proposal would further reduce predictability and stability in school district revenues. Districts have been able to anticipate reimbursement for transportation, BOCES, charter school, and instructional materials cost, but that would end with this proposal.
We recommend using anticipated additional federal aid to avert the cuts described above and to ensure all districts have resources to offset exceptional costs created by the pandemic and to help students recover from learning losses. 


This is how you can help advocate for the district against these two key budget issues.
Phone calls are still the best way to reach your representatives! Take a few minutes and call, leave a message and let them know how you feel. Each phone number is placed under the contact information for the N.Y.S. Senators and Assembly. Tweet your representative! Send them a post on Facebook! Social media is a great way to connect! Write a letter to your representatives. 
State Budget Advocacy 2021
Federal Budget Advocacy 2021


N.Y.S. Senators
N.Y.S. Senator John Mannion N.Y.S. Senator Peter Oberacker N.Y.S. Senator Pamela Helming

50th Senate District Office 

333 East Washington Street 

Syracuse, NY 13202 



51st Senate District Office 

41 South Main Street 

Oneonta, NY 13820 



54th Senate District Office 

119 Fall Street 

Seneca Falls, NY 13148 



N.Y.S. Assembly                                                                        Congress
Assemblyman John Lemondes Congressman John Katko

126th District Office 

69 South Street 

Auburn, NY 13021 


24th District

440 South Warren Street
Syracuse, NY 13202