District 2019-22 Strategic Plan

  • Working remotely, the District Strategic Planning Committee reviewed and updated the current Strategic Plan during the mandatory closure with online surveys and teleconferencing. The group decided not to change any of the performance targets for the following year as many of them are currently in a state of flux due to the COVID-19 pandemic (i.e. no 3-8 assessments, Regents Exams given) and focused the discussion around the priorities within the strategy page of the plan. Notable changes to this page were a focus on the student "gap closing" plan for the return to school and also the importance of working with families and staff on promoting the best practices in remote instruction. In addition, we highlighted the district's move to support the concept of "collective teacher efficacy" which based on research has the highest overall impact on student performance (Hattie, 1.57) and will help form the foundation of the k-12 collaborations that will continue in the years ahead.

    "It goes without saying that I am extremely proud of this work and grateful to every member of the committee who helped make this happen this year and for the collective input shares that will continue to more our district forward," said Superintendent of Schools John Birmingham.

    Moravia Central School District’s core beliefs:

    • All students learn.
    • Character: We are honest and act with integrity.
    • Work ethic: We work hard with purpose.
    • Growth mindset: Grit, perseverance and optimism are building blocks to success.
    • Innovation: We innovate and creatively problem solve.
    • Personalized pathways: A rich, diverse and challenging environment encourages multiple pathways to success.
    • Caring: We embrace the dignity of all and respect diversity.
    • Safety: We provide a safe learning environment for all.
    • Shared responsibility: Student, home and community involvement is essential to learning.
    • Students are the priority.

    District priorities:

    • Engage students in rigorous curriculum and instruction.
    • Address the diverse needs of all students.
    • Provide efficient, high-quality Infrastructure.
    • Collaborate with parents and community

    Strategies to achieve priorities:

    • Learning: Engage students in rigorous curriculum and instruction
      • Prepare a school re-entry plan that addresses student gap closing and incorporates best practices in remote learning.
      • Identify and remove obstacles to diverse, personalized pathways that result in more students graduating with rigorous outcomes.
      • Improve vertical and horizontal alignment PK-12 through collective teacher efficacy.
    • Supports: Address the diverse needs of all students
      • Ensure the social and emotional wellness of all students.
      • Maximize on-time graduation rates by identifying and addressing systemic issues related to dropout.
      • Identify and address the root causes of chronic absence and tardiness.
      • Improve student transitions from elementary to middle to high school to post-secondary.
    • Facilities: Provide efficient, high-quality Infrastructure
      • Provide an innovative technology service that addresses maintenance, hardware, support and training.
      • Implement a long-range facilities plan that promotes safety and supports 21st century learning.
    • Partners: Collaborate with parents and community
      • Support families with remote educational programming.
      • Increase community involvement and develop partnerships with local businesses, organizations and colleges.

    *immediate priorities are listed in bold.