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District Set to Reopen for In-Person Learning on Sept. 6

With new recommendations being released by the CDC and the NYSDOH, the Moravia Central School District is planning to reopen to in-person learning on Sept. 6.

Highlights of the changes include the following: 

  • No longer a need to quarantine asymptomatic students based on exposure 

  • Removal of social distancing / cohort requirements

  • Universal masking is no longer required. Symptom-free individuals may return to school after completing 5 days of isolation. Returning students are required to wear a mask indoors on days 6-10.

“As we prepare to welcome our students back on September 6th, our expectations are a return to a traditional school year with authentic, in-person learning experiences and activities that provide a rich learning environment for our students,” said Superintendent John Birmingham. 

For more information about the recommendations, go to