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Moravia Students Showcase the Power of Art


This year, students in Advanced Art at Moravia High School showcased the power of art by participating in The Memory Project.


The Memory Project provides handmade, heartfelt portraits and pieces of artwork to children in orphanages throughout the world. This year, art students at Moravia High School created art to send to children in Nigeria.


“I am so proud of our students for creating meaningful artwork,” Art Teacher Casie Thompson said.


For the project, each art student was paired with a child from Nigeria. The children shared a list of information for the art students to use as inspiration – such as their favorite color and what they want to be when they grow up. From there, the art students began to design artwork to send back to the children as a wonderful keepsake.


“I thought it was really cool and really sentimental. Ms. Thompson showed us a video from a few years back of these children receiving art and it was emotional. So, just to be a part of that is special,” said student Madison Marsh.


Student Michaela Hall called the experience emotional, sentimental, and enjoyable.


“It felt nice to help others, especially with some of the lives they have to live,” she said.


Marsh said it is projects like this that make the art department so enjoyable and unique.


“With projects like this, there’s always a part of yourself within it. And I find that really enjoyable,” she said. “I take three art classes. I just find so much comfort being in the art class and just being surrounded by all the art in the room. It’s always peaceful in here.”

Hall echoed those sentiments.


“This is in some way going to help the world. That is very sentimental to me,” she said. “Art is the best part of my day. I just enjoy being able to express myself in a piece of artwork.”