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Moravia Names Valedictorian and Salutatorian for the Class of 2023

Val and Sal

Grace Ike Valedictorian

When Grace Ike learned she was named the Valedictorian of the Moravia High School class of 2023, she was elated. 

“This is just such an amazing reward to end my high school career with,” Ike said.

While she was motivated to keep her grades up, Ike said that it was not always easy. There were a lot of late nights doing homework and some stress along the way.

“I worked so hard in high school, so I’m proud that it paid off in the end,” Ike said. “This reward makes it worth everything I put into school.” 

She would like to thank the many people who supported her academic journey. Specifically, Ike said that she would like to thank her parents, her teachers and her classmates.

“I could not have done it without everyone who believed in me and acted as my support system throughout these past four years,” Ike said. 

Her advice for incoming freshmen is to get involved. Ike, who was in sports and the musical and who joined in events and spirit weeks throughout high school, says that participating in school activities helped her allot time for herself outside of her schoolwork.

“Don’t miss out on anything, and don’t stress excessively over your grades,” Ike said.  “Just do everything to the best of your ability.”

 For Ike, there is much she will miss about Moravia. 

“I will dearly miss the people, the tight-knit community and the little accomplishments and funny moments in class,” said the high school senior. “I am so grateful to have been raised in Moravia. I love the events our school holds and the involvement between school and the community.”

After graduation, Ike plans to study Biochemistry and Spanish at St. John Fisher and hopes to become a pediatrician. 

Heidi Andersen Salutatorian 

Heidi Andersen has been named Salutatorian of the Moravia High School class of 2023.

She said that she was very surprised and excited to be named salutatorian and is proud that all her hard work throughout high school has paid off. Andersen credits her parents for pushing her to excel and for always being so supportive. 

To have a successful high school experience, Andersen tells incoming freshman that they don’t have to be perfect. Just do your best and try not to stress.

“Studying is great,” Andersen said. “But staying up all night stressing about a test is not going to help you get a good grade.”

She says that she will miss the tight-knit community of Moravia and would like to thank the teachers, coaches and directors who all work together to allow students the opportunity to try as many things as possible.

The Salutatorian has some big plans for next year; she has been accepted into the Science Honors program at Houghton University and will be playing NCAA Division III soccer.