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Moravia Fifth-Graders Showcase Ingenuity and Creativity with Self-Made Hovercrafts

Moravia Central School District fifth-graders successfully designed and constructed their very own hovercrafts, demonstrating their exceptional scientific knowledge and collaborative abilities.


Under the guidance of Matthew Chase, CEO/President of The Hovercraft Project, these budding engineers embarked on a challenging project that tested their problem-solving skills, creativity and understanding of physics and engineering principles.


Throughout the process, teamwork played a vital role as these students embraced the value of collaboration and effective communication. By harnessing the power of air pressure, these young innovators created hovercrafts that gracefully glided across the gym floor, carrying a pilot, or sometimes two.


Perhaps the most fun aspect of the project for students was when staff were invited to pilot the machines, and the teachers became the students as the youngsters showed their instructors how to operate the device.


By providing students with hands-on experiences that go beyond traditional classroom learning, Moravia CSD remains committed to empowering young minds, shaping the next generation of inventors, engineers and leaders.


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