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MIOSM Spotlight: Seventh Grader Ryan Birmingham

Music in Our Schools Month (MIOSM) is an annual celebration taking place in March which engages music educators, students, and communities from around the country in promoting the benefits of high-quality music education programs in schools.

To celebrate MIOSM, we selected one student from each grade level to discuss what music means to them. Next up is middle schooler Ryan Birmingham!




How long have you been involved with music?


Really, I started with music as soon as I could. We did a musical in the fifth grade, and it was great because we really learned just how diverse all the musicals can be. And I was able to play ‘Peter Pan’ in that, so it was a really cool experience. And I’ve been in chorus and band since the fourth grade. So really, I started participating as soon as I could.


We’re sure this is a tough question, but do you have a preference between band and chorus?


Honestly, it depends on the day! Some days my voice is a little tired, like right now that we’re in production week for the musical. But I really enjoy band and playing the instruments. But I also really enjoy using my voice. It’s great to keep using my voice and hopefully help out my section a little bit. I’m an alto or a baritone. My range can vary at times.


What instruments do you play in band? Why do you enjoy playing those instruments?


I’m a percussionist. I play the snare drum and timpani. Percussion has a wide variety of instruments, so that’s why I like it.


Talk to us a little bit about the upcoming musical. What do you enjoy most about this show?


It has been awesome to be a part of ‘Mean Girls’ because I was hoping to get cast as a 'mathlete' and luckily, I was cast as one. A few of my friends were cast as well, and I’ve really developed great friendships thanks to musical theater. And ‘Mean Girls’ is a really funny show. And everyone is cast so well. I think the community will really enjoy it.


As you look into your future with musicals at Moravia CSD, what would some of your goals be?


For the musicals, my personal favorite role was what I had in ‘Shrek,’ which was a funny character. I really hope I get to play that type of role at least one more time. It’s my favorite type of role. But at the end of the day, I’m happy with any role. I’m just happy to be involved. There’s just so much amazing talent here in Moravia.