Vision, Mission, Beliefs & District Goals

  • Our Mission

    Ensure all students achieve high levels of learning.


    Our Vision

    We aspire to be a world class community school that is a district of choice.


    Our District Goals

    Goal 1.

    Achieve a four-year graduation rate of 95%, a five-year graduation rate of 97%, and a drop-out rate of <2%

    Goal 2.

    Achieve student performance on state assessments to rank in the top three districts in the Cayuga-Onondaga BOCES on average for proficiency

    Goal 3.

    Achieve a rate of at least 60% of students in Math and 75% of students in ELA meeting or exceeding nationally normed end-of-year literacy and numeracy benchmark expectations (Aims Data from Grades 2, 5, and 8, Algebra Regents, ELA Regents)

    Goal 4.

    Achieve a student attendance rate >98%, a chronic absenteeism rate of <5%,and a suspension rate <2% (nysed school climate indicators)