Technology Mentors

  • Welcome to the Technology Mentors page! We are glad you have chosen to increase your professional development in technology! 

    The Technology Mentor program was established in the fall of 2016 to create a group of technology-focused educators to explore technology and support professional technology development within the district. The group has representatives from all buildings. These individuals have volunteered their time to become proficient with our current software and learn the best educational practices with technology.

    These mentors are here to support your needs. Working with the Technology Integration Specialist, they are offering monthly afterschool or before-school (we are flexible) seminars on different applications. They are also available to help brainstorm and troubleshoot issues with software practice. 

The Team

  • Elementary Representatives

    •  Chris Little 

    Middle School Representatives

    • Kristen Kneer, Brandon Franza, Stephanie Porten, and Jen Westover

    High School Representatives

    • Danielle Lynch-Jacobson, Jamey Crossley


    • Carrie Love
    • John Owen


Our Purpose

  • We are all about collaboration! The goal of this program is provide support for all educators within our district in technology practice.

    This includes:

    • Modeling current effective practice with technology in the classroom
    • Research and explore new technology and share this information with colleagues
    • Aid, support and advise in the creation of new educational curriculum using technology
    • Share resources, ideas and solutions
    • Support positive student engagement and develop enhanced curriculum based learning experiences
    • Promote standard-based media literacy

    This does not include:

    • A substitute for the Information Technology Department
    • An expert on all things technical
    • A "do it for me" person
    • A full-time technology teacher

    These teachers are teaching a full load like everyone else, please contact them through their email or reach out to John. They are excited to work with you on projects, but please be respectful of their daily workload.

How Can We Help You?

  • We provide the following types of support:

    • 1 to 1 instructional collaboration
    • small group discussion on technology integration
    • school and district-wide workshops
    • faculty meeting presentations