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    This program is a partnership between local high schools and the four area colleges (TC3, SUNY Cortland, Ithaca College, and Cornell University). Students and parents attend workshops, plays, athletic events, and campus visits each year, throughout grades 9-12. Students must maintain at least a B average and participate in at least 4 events each year to remain in the program. Students are invited to join the program at the end of 8th grade and must commit to A.C.E. for four years. ACE Website

    What is ACE?
    A program to help academically capable high school students overcome barriers to a college education.

    Who sponsors it?
    ACE is a unique consortium of four institutions: Cornell University, Ithaca College, SUNY Cortland and Tompkins Cortland Community College, working in partnership with 13 local school districts.

    What does it offer to students and families?
    The presidents of the four colleges pledge guaranteed admission to at least one of the four consortium institutions to students who successfully complete the program and meet the admissions criteria of the college. Students receive special consideration for admission to all four institutions and assistance in securing financial aid appropriate to each family's needs and within the scope of college resources at the time of admission.

    What specific programs and services does ACE offer?

    • skills training, motivation and academic support
    • support and training for ACE families
    • access to college resources college activities, including campus tours, theater presentations, lectures, sporting events
    • regional institutes
    • ACE recommendation to college for those achieving a B average in college preparatory course work and participating regularly in ACE events and programs
    • help in securing financial aid
    • continued support for students attending ACE colleges

    How do students gain access and participate in the program?

    • ACE students enter the program at the end of 8th grade based on the recommendation of the school district's teachers and guidance counselors.
    • Students and their parents sign a commitment letter
    • Students promise to:
      • complete a high school college preparatory program
      • maintain at least a B average
      • participate in 12 ACE programs and activities during their four years in high school.

    Is your young person a good candidate for ACE?
    As a parent, you are the best advocate for your young person. At times you may believe you are the only one who sees his/her potential. Perhaps your young person is not demonstrating success in school, and you believe s/he can achieve in high school and at the college level.

    Anyone of the following factors may indicate a student's potential to benefit from ACE:

    • You and your young person may have limited exposure to advanced education.
    • Your young person may express/demonstrate concerns about attending college.
    • Your young person may lack the motivation to attend college, yet has the ability to do college preparatory work.
    • Your young person may be currently struggling in school--has poor study skills, has limited goal planning, and has limited extracurricular activities.
    • Your family may be at an economic disadvantage.

    What are the benefits of participation in ACE?

    • greater access to college resources while you're still in high school
    • training sessions and support for students and families of ACE students
    • skill training and academic support to ensure a better chance of success once you are enrolled in college
    • guaranteed admission to at least one of the four colleges-after successful completion of ACE programming and satisfaction of admission criteria
    • assistance in securing financial aid for which you are eligible
    • special admissions consideration when applying to college


  • Contact the Moravia ACE Liason:

    Shannon Taylor
    School Counselor

    Michelle VanEtten

    Contact the ACE Office:

    Erica Shockley, Coordinator
    1312 Cornish Hall
    PO Box 2000
    SUNY Cortland
    Cortland, NY 13045
    (607) 753-5662 

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