• Welcome to Middle School Counseling!

  • 24 Conversation Starters for Talking With Tweens and Teens

    • At school, what do you wish you could do more of?
    • At school, what do you wish you did less of?
    • Which class do you think would be the most fun to teach?
    • Who could you be nicer to?
    • What is the most important part of school?
    • What is one thing you learned today?
    • Who did you eat lunch with today?
    • What do you wish you could learn at school?
    • Are you reading anything enjoyable right now?
    • Is bullying a problem in your school?
    • What music have you been enjoying recently?
    • Which teacher helps you the most?
    • What is the best comeback to say to a bully?
    • How would you rate the quality of your friendships?
    • Do you wish you could change anything about your friendship group?
    • What was the most challenging part of today?
    • What would make you feel more supported?
    • What is everyone talking about at school?
    • What do you wish you’d done differently today?
    • On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate today?
    • Which class or subject did you enjoy most today?
    • What made you laugh today?
    • What was the most challenging part of your day?
    • When were you bored today?
  • Contact Us:

    Tamara Austin, Middle School Counselor

    Courtney Copley, Counseling Secretary

    315-497-2670 ext. 2012


  • What does the MS Counselor do?

    Support students to achieve academic success!

    This includes:

               - Academic

               - Career

               - Social

               - Emotional

    We work with students and families to support students in any way, from behavior concerns communicating with outside therapists and agencies, and successfully transitioning our students into high school and beyond!


  • School Counseling Belief System 

    All students can reach their full potential. 

    School counselors act as advocates for their students.

    All students have equal access to the counselor.

    All students should receive respect and unconditional positive regard from the school counselor.